Little-Known Gift-Wrapping Methods

Little-Known Gift-Wrapping Methods

There are so many directions you can go when wrapping gifts—and you always have to use wrapping paper. If you get creative, you can use what you have lying around the house to make something equally as unique and more meaningful than anything you could buy at the box stores. Here are just a few little-known gift-wrapping methods to get you started so that you can see just how easy this is to pull off.

The Roller Stamp Method

This is a classic that is tried and true as a beloved standby for anyone who has trouble thinking up something creative. Just find a stamp you like, add it to a roller, and voila! You have a stamp roller that you can use again and again to make crafty designs.

Brown Paper Bags

At first glance, it may not seem like much, but brown paper bags are an awesome way to make your gift wrap more unique. You can keep it simple, or you can add other decorations to spruce it up a bit. Think about using things like twine or ribbon, heartfelt photos, or even writing some kind words. Your options are limitless with this method!

Old Rags and Clothing

If you have old clothing that you no longer wear, you can cut it into strips or leave it whole, wrapping the gift with an old shirt and tying a nice bow on top with the same material. You could even mix it up and use grosgrain ribbon by the roll to support your bowties and give the wrapping some edge. People will either think you’re just wacky enough to try something like that or that you are the most creative mind they have ever met. Good luck!

Cut Out Wrap

The most classic way of making gift wrapping is by using something like dense paper that you have on standby. Make cut-outs with different shapes and colors from magazines that you have lying around. This will be sure to catch everyone’s eyes. They will swoon over this simple but meaningful style because they will know that it comes from the heart.

Gift wrapping isn’t hard; it just requires you to let go and get creative. That simply means you can achieve these little-known gift-wrapping methods and make them your own. You might even surpass everyone you know and become a sensational gift wrapper with all your acquired skills.