5 Ways To Make Your Gift Wrap More Unique

5 Ways To Make Your Gift Wrap More Unique

Anything you do yourself is considered creative, but nothing makes your efforts and talents shine quite as projects do. Therefore, crafting is essential to the arts and should be celebrated. To get creative this holiday season, here are five ways to make your gift wrap more unique for the beginner and anyone interested.

Paper and Washi Tape

Sometimes simple is best, and this idea could not be a better example of that. By using simple white printing paper, if you wrap your gift first in the wrapping paper, then you will have a blank canvas. Use decorative washi tape to create elaborate designs and make your gift look like it was professionally wrapped.

Custom Colors

Choosing a color scheme when wrapping is always a solid option, especially if you know the receiver’s colors and what they like. Pair it with similarly colored or themed ribbons and bows, and you will have something they are sure to cherish. You can easily get beautiful ribbons and bows through distributors that carry designer ribbons wholesale.

Map It Out

If you’re looking to get creative and you have extra papers or maps lying around, you could wrap your gift in these old maps to give it a slight niche feeling of nostalgia. Mapping is an underused and underrated crafting material that more people should try.

Brown Paper Bags

Sometimes classics are best. If you go with the brown paper bag as your gift wrap, you could pair it with twine or ribbon to give it that antique level of class that no one else’s gift will match. Utilizing brown paper is one of the most idyllic methods of crafting there is, as it never loses its charm.

Prints and Photos

Leftovers and memories are sometimes the best types of scraps, as they make a perfect way to say that you care through gift wrapping. Incorporating photos is a way that you can get personal with your holiday or birthday spirit.

Whatever the occasion, there’s never a wrong time to give and receive gifts. So if you’re looking for alternative methods to spruce things up, use these five ways to make your gift wrap more unique so that you can keep everyone happy and enjoy it yourself along the way.