Grosgrain Ribbon

Grosgrain is immediately identifiable by its ribbed appearance and is one of our most widely sought-after ribbon varieties. In grosgrain, the weft is heavier than the warp, creating prominent transverse ribs that create less slippage when making bows. Grosgrain ribbon offer your gift a more traditional, timeless appearance. Depending on what kind of gift you’re giving and the occasion it’s tied to, this can be the perfect choice. Our grosgrain ribbon styles include printed messages, such as “Just for You,” “Love,” and “Merry Christmas.” If you’re looking for a solid color or simple pattern, LaRibbons® and Crafts has plenty of those too! Check out our premium textured grosgrain, gold foil patterns, and our metallic frisette-edged ribbon. Browse all our grosgrain ribbon styles today.

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