Tips and Tricks for Using Grosgrain Ribbon

Tips and Tricks for Using Grosgrain Ribbon

Grosgrain ribbon is something that everyone should have on standby in their arts and crafts sets or office. Having a tool like this on hand can help you do things that you may not have normally had the ability to do. As simple as this may seem, there are many tips and tricks for using grosgrain ribbon, as we will discuss further below.

Bows and Braids

The most obvious and most common way people love to use this crafty ribbon is for making bows. Small or large, bows are always a hit with grosgrain. Another useful way to use this tool is to loop it into weaving and braiding. If bows are too difficult, you can always make smaller or larger bows and hot glue them to clip-on attachments to achieve the same effect with half the effort.


Some people choose to use these ribbons as decorations or even decorative accouterments on their clothing. If you use an adhesive like hot glue and lightly but evenly coat the ribbon, you can then press on the design you are going for and begin sewing over it for your embroidered piece.


Other people use grosgrain ribbon to make unique tassels with intricate designs, which they use to keep personal things like scrapbooks organized. Or maybe you would like to make unique bookmarks with grosgrain trim for all your reading. The number of designs you can create to keep things organized is truly limitless. This is especially helpful when organizing encyclopedias and academic works.


One use for this tool that is unknown to most people is hemming. If you want to add flair to your clothing and feel fancy, you can use grosgrain ribbon, but there are even better ways to make use of it. For instance, you can use it to repair the frayed ends on your jeans or slacks. You will not only look stylish, but you will have completely repaired your pants while staying true to the right color scheme.

Maybe with all of this in mind, you can now successfully brainstorm as many ideas as possible to make the best use out of your grosgrain ribbon. Most people have some in their house somewhere, but if you don’t, consider browsing the inventory at LaRibbons and Crafts. Here, you can find a variety of ribbons for any purpose. These are just a few tips and tricks for using grosgrain ribbon to help you get started.