Fun Crafts To Make With Ribbon

Fun Crafts To Make With Ribbon

When you’re stuck in the house and you’ve run out of creative things to do, don’t despair. As long as you have gift-wrapping supplies on-hand, you have endless potential projects. These fun crafts to make with ribbon can be adapted for any age. For best results, watch video tutorials or use the ideas as inspiration for your own unique interpretations.

Striped Lampshade

Everyone has at least one lampshade that’s seen better days. With scrap ribbon and a glue gun, you can update it to match your décor, or to inject a wild pop of energy. Alternate two colors for a nautical look or use a rainbow of ribbons for a Kate Spade vibe. Make sure the ribbons will extend vertically from the top of the lampshade to the bottom. Attach each ribbon’s end with a thin line of hot glue. Repeat with another ribbon, overlapping the last ribbon a bit at the top so there aren’t any glimpses of the old lampshade peeking through on the way down. Finish by hiding the raw ribbon edges with a braided trim around the top and bottom.

Tassel Keyring

Once you see how cute this project turns out, you’ll keep making them until you run out of friends to give them to. All you need to start is a plain silver keyring. It looks best with thinner ribbon in various shades of the same color, but you can make it as vibrant and textured as you want. If your ribbon length is seven inches, you’ll end up with a three-inch tassel, or you can go up to nine-inches for more flair. Fold each ribbon in half and slip the bent end through the middle of the ring. Loop the ends through the bent half and tighten. Keep going until it looks and feels like something you’d buy in a boutique. Add beads for a little boho chic.

Stylish Sandals

One of the more fun crafts to make with ribbon is a pair of party shoes. There’s nothing sadder than an old, generic pair of thong sandals, and nothing easier than some quick upcycling. If you have mid-width ribbon around ¾ of an inch, cut it into eight-inch lengths. Use pinking shears if you can so the ends will be less likely to fray. Just knot each ribbon on the rubber straps until they’re covered, with the ends sticking up in the air. Grosgrain is stiff enough to retain some structure, or you can trim the ends if your ribbons want to drape down. Add thinner ribbons to make them more interesting, and bits of tulle to fluff up the shape. They’re not the ideal shoes for dancing, but they make a heck of an entrance.

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