3 Great Gift Wrap Ideas for Father’s Day

3 Great Gift Wrap Ideas for Father’s Day

Making something special for a loved one can be difficult. This is especially true when that loved one is your father. You know he’ll accept anything you give him and love it unconditionally, but you also want to make it the best gift you possibly can. With that said, here are three great gift wrap ideas for Father’s Day to celebrate your father and everything he does for you.

Kraft Paper and Ribbon

Sometimes keeping thing simple is the best way to approach any situation. This is especially true with gift-wrapping. When you want to make something special and unique yet classic and tasteful, try some kraft paper and ribbon. You can sign the package yourself, write a note on it, or draw some little designs on it to give it your own personal flair. Then, finish it off with some ribbon; you can buy craft ribbon wholesale online or at most major retailers.

Photo Collages

Another great way to wrap a package is to use newspaper and then cover it in old photos. You can use photos of the recipient, of yourself, or of the both of you together. Those precious memories will mean so much to the recipient; they may enjoy the wrapping as much as the gift itself!

Cut-Outs and Stencils

There’s another classic method of decorative gift wrapping, and that’s using cutouts and stencils to create a collage of different designs on a lighter-hued or solid-colored gift wrap. You’ll have a great time putting together your own designs with different colors and materials using stencil designs. This will make for a truly original gift wrap that no other can compare to—it will be so memorable for you and your father.

We’ve listed only three great gift wrap ideas for Father’s Day, but the possibilities are endless. We hope you take our ideas and run with them so that you can make your own unique gift wrap on this special holiday.