3 Creative Ways to Wrap Gifts Based on the Season

3 Creative Ways to Wrap Gifts Based on the Season

Gift wrapping isn’t a chore if you’re having fun. Still, make sure to keep a few things in mind when choosing your materials, like the time of year.

Catering your wrapping to the seasons allows you a ton of creativity throughout the year. As you change things up with the seasons, you can also make adjustments to suit your skills and the gift recipients. To get started, here are three creative ways to wrap gifts based on the season so that you can hone your skills and make someone feel loved.

Craft Paper

One of the most traditional ways to wrap a gift is with craft paper. It’s elegant and sturdy and holds up when sent through the mail.

When wrapping with craft paper, you can add personalized stamps and seasonal foliage to match the season. Spring is a perfect opportunity to try new seasonal gift wrapping techniques. Or, if you’re old-fashioned and like to wrap gifts in grosgrain ribbon by the roll, you can do that too!

Old Photos

Adding old pictures to your wrapping is a timeless tradition. By adding photos, you can personalize the wrapping with memories that you’ve had with friends and family: trips you’ve taken, things you’ve seen, and people you’ve met.

This could not be a better way to show someone you truly care. If the wrapping gets a bit busy from this, you may also want to use brighter postage and address tags so that they are more visible on the packaging.

Holiday Bags

You can make any monotone paper bag work as a gift bag if you get creative. First, choose a color associated with the season, like green for springtime.

You can add seasonal flair to the outside of the bag by designing patterns or even an entire scene. You can use these images to highlight things about the season or a specific location.

Of course, there are more than three ways to wrap gifts based on the season, but this should give you a solid base to work from while you’re learning. The more that you craft, the better you will become at gift wrapping, so keep crafting and don’t give up!