Xmas Sweater & Reindeer Gift Wrap Bundle - Round Gift Tags


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Our Xmas Sweater & Reindeer bundle is perfect all of your holiday gifting! The bundle features wraps in Kraft paper with vintage style designs - Reindeer, Trees and Christmas Sweater style patterns. Complete with a variety of Gift Tags, Yarn, Bells, Holly Berry sprigs, wreaths and Wrapping Paper to make your gift wrapping that much easier. 
  • Our wrapping papers are printed on premium kraft paper.
  • Includes 4 individual wrapping paper rolls; 4 individual 39" Wired Wreaths; 2 individual; 3 1/2" Small Bells; 3 individual 3" Gift Tags; 18 individual 3" Holly Berry Sticks; 1 30' Yarn Rope.
  • Dimensions: 30in x 10ft per roll.
  • Rolls are individually shrink wrapped to prevent creases and scratches.
Red and green Christmas kraft wrapping paper rolls with wreaths, round gift tags, small bells, holly berry sticks and twine
Green and red Kraft wrapping paper rolls
Green, red and beige Kraft gift wrapped boxes wrapped with twine ribbon
Red and green Kraft wrapping paper sheets with dimensions
Holly berry sticks, small bells, round gift tags and twine
Green wreaths with dimensions