Gold Foil Kraft Gift Wrap Bundle


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Our Gold Foil Kraft Gift Wrap bundle is perfect for any occasion! The natural brown Kraft paper adds a elegant touch to the gold foil. Complete with a variety of Yarn, Bells, Stars and Heart Gift Tags, and Wrapping paper sheets to make your gift wrapping that much easier!  A variety of wrapping paper designs are included: Pineapples, Pineapple, Unicorns and Cannabis Leaf.

  • Our wrapping paper sheets are printed on premium kraft paper.
  • Includes 16 individual wrapping paper sheets of four different prints; 6 individual 3" Gift Tags; 2 individual  1/2" Bells; 88' Yarn Rope.
  • Dimensions per sheet: 76cm x 50cm/30in x 20in.
  • Sheets are packaged in a shrink wrapped roll to prevent creases and scratches.
Gold foil kraft wrapping paper with wood stars and hearts gift tags, brown yarn and small bells
Gold foil kraft wrapping paper rolls
Wood star and hearts gift tags, small bells and yarn
Gold foil wrapping paper rolls with dimensions
Gold foil Kraft wrapped gift packages
Gold foil kraft gift boxes, wrapped with wood heart and star gift tags