Harvest Ribbon Assortment PDQ | 17 Styles/51 Spools


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Introducing our Harvest Ribbon Assortment PDQ – A Bountiful Array of Autumn Elegance!

Elevate your seasonal décor and craft projects with our exquisite Harvest Ribbon Assortment PDQ. This carefully curated collection boasts an impressive ensemble of 17 distinct ribbon styles, each thoughtfully designed to capture the essence of fall's splendor. Whether you're a dedicated crafter, an imaginative DIY enthusiast, or a retail connoisseur seeking eye-catching point-of-display items, this assortment promises to captivate hearts and ignite creativity.

Key Features:

🍂 Diverse Selection: This PDQ features an impressive variety of ribbon styles, including harvest check ribbons that evoke cozy farmhouse charm, solid ribbons for versatile elegance, pumpkin-themed ribbons that celebrate autumn's iconic symbol, and the delicate ric rac trims that add a touch of whimsy.

🍂 Nature-Inspired Palette: Immerse yourself in the warm hues of the harvest season. Our assortment includes ribbons in naturals, rusts, olives, and oranges, bringing the rich colors of the outdoors into your projects.

🍂 Versatile Lengths: Each spool in this assortment contains a generous length of ribbon, ranging from 3 to 10 yards, depending on the style. This ensures you have ample material to infuse the spirit of fall into a multitude of crafts, decorations, and projects.

🍂 Endless Creativity: Let your imagination run wild as you experiment with various ribbon styles. Whether adorning wreaths, embellishing table settings, creating one-of-a-kind gift wrap, or enhancing clothing and accessories, these ribbons will add that perfect seasonal touch.

🍂 Three Spools per Style: With three spools of all 17 styles, you have an abundance of options at your fingertips. Mix and match, layer, or use them individually – the choice is yours.

Embrace the autumnal magic with our Harvest Ribbon Assortment PDQ. Whether you're crafting memories with loved ones or curating an unforgettable retail display, these ribbons are your canvas to express the beauty of fall. Elevate your creativity, surround yourself with the warmth of the season, and make this autumn truly remarkable.

Order now and embark on a crafting journey that celebrates the harvest's rustic charm and heartwarming traditions.

Harvest Ribbon Assortment PDQ | 17 Styles/51 Spools
Harvest Ribbon Assortment PDQ | 17 Styles/51 Spools