Reversible Geometric Kraft Wrapping Papers

kraft wrapping paper examples

Thin and glossy wrapping paper isn’t for everyone. Some gift-givers need a paper that’s tougher than the rest—that’s where kraft paper comes in. With fibers that won’t tear easily or rip inadvertently, kraft paper gives you a durable alternative to traditional wrapping paper, one whose unbleached color lends some warm earth tones to any present. But plain kraft paper? That’s no fun. That’s where we come in. The artistic and geometric designs on our reversible wrapping paper complement the natural tones of kraft paper with fascinating patterns, from stripes and polka dots to Moroccan lattice patterns. Best of all, each reversible gift wrap gives you two patterns for the price of one, which we’ve chosen to suit each other perfectly. Find the reversible wrapping paper whose design—or designs—you just can’t resist.

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