Unique Ways To Wrap Your Christmas Gifts

Unique Ways To Wrap Your Christmas Gifts

Don’t try to morph into Martha Stewart at the holidays, because gift packaging doesn’t need to be perfect or impress anyone. If you can find a little extra time, though, you can personalize your presents and have fun doing it. We’ve come up with some unique ways to wrap your Christmas gifts to jump-start your creativity.

Make Them Sparkle

If you can’t be with your loved ones at Christmas, you have all the more reason to send a package that’s a party in itself. Start with metallic wrapping paper, and layer on more shine from there. Go crazy with the glue gun, or use twine or ribbon to add some touches. Ideas include:

  • A small, battery-operated string of lights
  • Rhinestones to glamorize beauty gifts
  • Bracelets and other jewelry they can wear
  • Glittering ornaments that they’ll use every year
  • A bag of M&Ms tied in the middle to resemble a bow, doused generously with glitter

Add Dimension

We love bows because they jump out and make gifts irresistible to unwrap. You can add life to a Christmas present even if you’re not a DIY enthusiast. Tie on some of these embellishments, or get as crafty as you like.

  • Evergreen sprigs from your backyard, with a star sticker at the top to make it look like a tree
  • Cinnamon sticks that they can use in their tea, coffee, or mulled wine
  • Leftover, colorful buttons to secure ribbons
  • Classics like jingle bells, candy canes, and pinecones
  • Little dollar-store figurines of trees, snowmen, or to create entire holiday scenes

Express Yourself

The beauty of craft paper is that it’s the ideal background for homemade efforts, making them look folksy, not cheap. If you have kids, they’ll surprise you with designs and accents your farmhouse-chic friends would pay good money for. These tools can do just about anything.

  • Cut-out shapes of trees, reindeer, snowflakes, and stars
  • Paint markers for words, patterns, and artwork
  • Glitter glue for subtle texture
  • Red-and-white striped twine and yarn
  • Chalkboard paint for personal messages

At LaRibbons, we want you to find the most unique ways to wrap your Christmas gifts, so festive packaging can become one of your favorite holiday traditions. You can find even more inspiration with our collections and bundles. We hope that you’ll enjoy wrapping as much as your loved ones enjoy their gifts.