Make it Special: Gift Wrapping Ideas for Mother’s Day

Make it Special: Gift Wrapping Ideas for Mother’s Day

There are a few times when you might feel pressure wrapping a present. For instance, expectations are high at baby showers, and you want to strike just the right tone when you’re giving something to your boss. And then there’s Mother’s Day. Chances are that this is the woman who taught you how to curl ribbon and hoard boxes for Christmas all year long. Maybe she’s the reason you snatch back your bow after a present’s been opened so you can use it again. She deserves special treatment. Try these gift-wrapping ideas for Mother’s Day and make her proud.

Floral Themes

Moms are used to getting flowers on their big day, and there are so many ways to extend the theme to your gift wrap. But pay heed: it’s an occasion when something three-dimensional is called for. You’ll have to top your gift with some DIY love. Rummage through your gift wrapping supplies for tissue paper, wired ribbon, yarn, buttons—anything you can take a glue gun to and assemble a flower. Truly, anything. You’ll find tutorials all over the internet, but your mom will brag to her friends even more if the flower is your own design.

Kraft Paper

You’re not a kid anymore, but there’s something about folksy kraft paper wrapping that screams, “I made it myself!” If your mom loves shabby chic or rustic décor, even better. You can use a stencil and white paint to make your own print on plain paper, or attach some greenery from your yard. The finishing touch is all-important: ribbon that evokes vintage sincerity. Be generous with the twine, burlap, grosgrain, gingham, or whatever you have on hand. The bigger the bow, the greater your love.

Photographic Memories

Any gift-wrapping idea for Mother’s Day is a thousand times more effective if you can work in a photograph or two. Attach a new photo of the kids in a tiny frame, or Xerox an old picture of you as a little angel and use it as a tag. You could even print out a vintage photo and make it the centerpiece on your kraft paper. Everyone’s pictures are digital these days, but your mom might miss having some wallet-sized pictures to whip out at brunch. Bonus points if you can make her cry!

Want some more inspiration? Browse our website for more prints, ribbons, and even metallic-printed kraft paper; you can use them as a showcase of your love. LaRibbons has the wrapping you need to show your mom how much thought you put into her present.