How To Organize Your Wrapping Supplies

How To Organize Your Wrapping Supplies

How do you know the holidays have arrived? You open your storage closet to an avalanche of ancient, half-used wrapping paper rolls. But if you love creating packages as thoughtful as the gifts inside, you should strategize about how to organize your wrapping supplies. You deserve a system, not another scavenger hunt, to successfully locate your supplies.

Location, Location, Location

Everyone should have an entire gift-wrapping room, but we’re not there yet. If you have a closet you can clean out, you’ll have plenty of space for all your supplies, as well as any gifts purchased in advance. At the very least, clear out a shelf somewhere and declare it “Wrapping Central.”

Get It Together

Gather everything you use for gifts, from the junk drawer to the craft box, and lay it out to see what you’re working with. Make piles, estimate what size container you’ll need, and the best way to access it. There’s no need for specially designed storage; get creative with what you have—baskets, shoe boxes, disposable food containers, etc. If a drawer is the best way to survey your ribbons at a glance, use it. If you want to keep your tags in a clear sandwich bag, there’s no shame in it. Anything will work, as long as you label it. Labels make all the difference.

Stock Up on Supplies

After you’ve sized up your supplies, you’ll have an idea of what you’re missing. Time to shop! Assemble these essential tools:

  • Scissors strictly reserved for wrapping gifts
  • Transparent tape in a multipack
  • Fine-point Sharpies that will write on anything
  • All-occasion blank gift tags
  • Gift bags, assorted by size
  • Tissue paper
  • A roll of gift wrap for each annual occasion; you can cut down on quantity by buying just a couple of colors that will coordinate with the same ribbons, or look for bright paper with simple patterns that could be used for any time
  • Ribbon
  • Bows, although this is optional; they can be bulky to store and tend to get mushed, and you can make your own with ribbon
  • Flourishes such as artificial flowers, pine cones, washi tape, twine, and any odds and ends you can repurpose for decoration

Conquer the Cards

The birthday cards are probably mixed in with the baby tags, and none of them have matching envelopes. A proper card organizer is inexpensive and won’t take up much space. Any filing system will work, though, and you can customize the categories by recipient if you prefer. Throw away the ugly cards you insist you’ll use one day; if you care enough about someone to give them a present, they deserve better than that.

Whether you’re a gift-bag-on-the-go person or have mastered the art of present presentation, some thought on how to organize your wrapping supplies will make the season brighter. Contact LaRibbons and Crafts for the best wrapping paper and ribbon for you.