How to Choose the Best Wrapping Paper

How to Choose the Best Wrapping Paper

Gifts are a form of love language that everyone speaks. Remembering an occasion and taking the time to choose something meaningful tells the recipient how much you care. And then there’s the final flourish—perfect packaging for the perfect present. Make the process even more rewarding by learning how to choose the best wrapping paper for every gift.

To start, take into consideration what’s appropriate for the occasion and the person. A smaller gesture won’t require the elaborate, shock-and-awe wrapping paper in your arsenal. But if it’s your best friend’s birthday, bust out the good stuff if you know he or she will appreciate it. Maybe they’re even worth your treasured kraft wrapping paper collection. Here’s a guide to a few other occasions.

Child’s Birthday

There’s nothing like dazzling a child with fun packaging that promises a prize inside. Use bright, multicolored prints, play with texture, and glitter it up. Be sure to use a stick-on bow that is faster to rip off.

Bridal Shower

This is the Super Bowl of gift wrapping. The guests are there specifically to watch the bride open presents. A gift bag is not going to cut it. If you enjoy wrapping, here’s where you can express yourself with feminine prints you know no one else will have, and top it with colorful, high-end ribbon for the bride’s bow bouquet.


These will be on display on the gift table, but not opened in front of guests. In fact, more and more, it’s become convenient for both the giver and the happy couple to have the gift sent straight to their home. As such, choose wrapping paper that’s simple and elegant, and top it with an elaborate white ribbon.

No Occasion

Take a cue from Richard Burton, who would give Liz Taylor expensive jewelry even without an occasion. “I've come to think of these as my ‘It's Tuesday, I love you’ jewelry,” Taylor remembered. You don’t have to break the bank, but a small gift wrapped with the best of your everyday stash has the element of surprise.

By learning how to choose the best wrapping paper for your gift, you can tell someone how much they mean to you without saying a word. Seize the chance to express yourself creatively and explore LaRibbons’ premium selection of wrapping paper and ribbon.