Halloween Craft Ideas Using Ribbons

Halloween Craft Ideas Using Ribbons

You have all the creative energy in the world, a couple of bored kids, lots of ribbon odds and ends, a holiday coming up, and you’re not afraid to make a mess. The conditions are ripe for crafting. Whatever you come up with on your own is always better than step-by-step tutorials, but it never hurts to have some inspiration. Here are some Halloween craft ideas using ribbons that just may use up your supply of leftovers—or, of course, create more.

Wired Wreath

We love ways to make wreaths, especially if we don’t have to run to the store to buy foam bases. Anything circular will do; we used a 7-inch embroidery hoop. This project is best for wire ribbons. Cut 18-inch lengths of ribbon—they don’t have to be Halloween-specific, as long as you include something black. Fold the strips in half and fold it around the hoop, pulling the ribbon ends through in a slip knot. The ribbons will splay out like the sun’s rays. Go around the hoop, adding more wired ribbon in different widths, colors, and textures. Finish it with a contrasting bow at the top, or a Halloween embellishment in the middle.

Pumpkin Makeover

This is the kind of decoration we like to buy until we remember we can make it ourselves. Use one of the many pumpkins you’ve accumulated and a sampling of your favorite ribbons. Even if you don’t want to use Halloween colors, the pumpkin shape will make any gift wrap ribbon seasonal. Decorate the pumpkin with vertical strips using Fabric Mod Podge or even straight pins. Create a repeating pattern that’s a mishmash of styles for a Frankenstein feel. Top it off with a bow at the stem, and congratulate yourself on not having to carve a pumpkin this year.

Costume Badges

The only thing better than a ribbon is a first-place ribbon, and at Halloween, every trick-or-treater deserves one. If you’re entertaining a group of children, you can keep their sugar buzz going with costume awards. Start by cutting out a cardstock circle and specify an honor: “Scariest Costume,” “Best Makeup,” and “Princess-iest” (pro tip: Leave a few blank, so you can add something on-the-spot, like “Most Glitter,” so no one is left out). Back the cardstock with black construction paper so that it stands out, and fashion a round background medallion out of accordion-folded paper or crepe paper. Even if it’s not your best effort, two ribbons streaming out the bottom will make it look official.

There are endless Halloween craft ideas using ribbons. If you’ve got a lot of white ribbon around—and we know you do—you can mummify just about anything. And there’s no better time of year to craft over-the-top bows and barrettes. So, get to crafting, and visit us again when you need to restock your ribbon.