Gift-Wrapping Mistakes To Avoid

Gift-Wrapping Mistakes To Avoid

Ever since “lifestyle guru” became an actual occupation, the stakes have gotten higher for gift wrapping. Online how-to videos show layers of homemade paper, elaborate ribbons and bows, doilies, bells, and the occasional kitchen sink. But it doesn’t have to be an intimidating process if you know what gift-wrapping mistakes to avoid.

Overthinking It

You don’t need to buy special paper for every gift and occasion. You don’t have to have every variety of holiday-specific paper on hand or a room dedicated to the art of wrapping. No one will judge you for your folding skills. Gift-giving is about expressing your regard for another person with something you’ve chosen just for them. Wrapping the present is just completing the gesture with five more minutes of thoughtfulness. It’s one more way to show you care.

Using Cheap Paper

Those dollar-store rolls of wrapping paper look gorgeous, and they’re a bargain—but when you try to use them, you’ll understand why. They’re so thin that the gift can show through the paper. Or you’ll try to wrap a corner, and it’ll rip. You’ll make a nice crease, and the print might even rub off. Show the recipient some respect with paper that doesn’t tear when you barely look at it.

Tackling Odd Shapes

Who can resist an oversized stuffed animal or a new bicycle? And who has tried to wrap them without a complete nervous breakdown? It’s just not possible. You’ll save yourself a lot of anguish and an obscene amount of scotch tape by just facing up to your limits. Wrap a wide ribbon around your gift, and hide it in a bedroom until it’s time to present it.

Taping the Box

There are different schools of thought on this, but if you’re at all thrifty, you’ll agree that your box should live to serve another day. So don’t secure gift wrap by first taping it to one side of your box. You won’t be able to use the box again because the tape will likely tear it. Your finger is capable of holding paper and ribbon in place. If not, call for a second set of hands.

Giving Up

It might not be perfect. It might look like your toddler did it. There will be times that you want to rip it all off and stash it in a gift bag. And to be sure, gift bags can be a godsend in desperate times. But with a little strategy and a heads-up on gift wrapping mistakes to avoid, your presents won’t just be passable—they’ll be even more special. So give it your best shot.

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