Fun and Easy Christmas Crafts To Try

Fun and Easy Christmas Crafts To Try

You can give any day an injection of joy with these fun and easy Christmas crafts to try at home. The “easy” part is key, especially if you want to use any of your projects as gifts. Remember: pace yourself, promise nothing, and know when to skip a few steps and call it “finished.”

Holiday Tree Cones

No, not pinecones—we’re talking about the geometrical shape. Anything cone-shaped can become a Christmas tree with a little coaxing. Cover them with wrapping paper, wind them with ribbons and yarn, adorn them with green frosting and M&Ms, and decorate them with tiny poms (just not all at once.) If your cone is lacking anything, sprinkle it generously with glitter. If you don’t have crafting cones, you can use almost anything: Serger thread cones, birthday hats, ice cream cones, or funnels. Or make your own with construction paper, paper plates, or cardboard. Form your cone, secure it with tape, and cut away the bottom so that it stands flat.

Ribbon Wreaths

If you have a wreath form handy and lots of ribbon, you can wrap it all the way around so it’s pretty from all angles. Red and white gingham or striped ribbon looks spectacular. Then you can insert any baubles and accents into the Styrofoam with a pin. If you’d rather use up your ribbon scraps, all the better: Make loops in different sizes, textures and colors, and pin those to the wreath. You can make big loops with wider and wired ribbon, or smaller loops with thinner satins and grosgrain. You can always make do with an embroidery hoop, or even downsize your craft project with plastic shower curtain rings. These mini wreaths make perfect ornaments. Loop some yarn through and hang them from the tree.

Elegant Wall Star

This is one of our favorite crafts to try with kids, because it’s fast. On a bulletin board or wall, insert five pushpins for the points of the star. Use fabric ribbon to wind around the pins, just as you would draw a star. Leave ribbon at each end, and finish with a bow at the top pushpin. It’s a festive, upcycled form of string art, and ideal for short attention spans.

You can find endless fun and easy Christmas crafts to try that use ribbon, but you can multipurpose giftwrap, too. With our wholesale wrapping paper, you’ll have plenty for wrapping and crafting. You can gift-wrap books you already have as room accents, or use the themed paper to line platters for Christmas cookies. One of the quickest ways to decorate your home is by wrapping all your framed art to look like presents. Contact us for more ideas and supplies. Happy crafting, and happy holidays!