Different Ways To Use Gift-Wrapping Ribbons

Different Ways To Use Gift-Wrapping Ribbons

When you’re wrapping gifts, you can use ribbon for an added bit of creativity and beauty. There are many ways to use ribbons for gift-wrapping, and this article covers a few of the basics to get you started. These are just some of the different ways to use gift-wrapping ribbons for all your gifting needs in the future.

The Traditional Bow

People generally gravitate toward the traditional bow tie ribbon wrap, which is very formal and classic. It can be used for any and every occasion. To make this, get plenty of your favorite ribbon. Give yourself a few feet of slack on either side beyond the measurements of the width and height so you can tie it off at the end.

Start off by putting your ribbon underneath the box, moving down the middle horizontally from one side to the next. Bring the ribbon back to the top and make one loop with both ends in the middle to secure it. Then, going in the opposite direction, follow the ribbon down the opposite sides and back around to the top and tie a bow. Ta-da! You’ll now have a classic bow tie ribbon.

The Diagonal Wrap

This design is much easier to create. Simply take a few strips of your ribbon and begin by wrapping it around the corner of the gift, taping off the first loop, and making two or three diagonal loops from the corner to the center. Move diagonally across to the other side and do the same for that corner so both are identical. Then, tie your bow with excess ribbon and place it on one of the corners for a unique and fashionable look.

The Woven Pattern

This is a little bit similar to the diagonal wrap mentioned above. You’ll create a cross-hatch pattern with your ribbon where some pieces are going vertical and others horizontal. After picking out your ribbon pieces, place five in a row and make sure they’re facing the same direction. Then take the other set and put them in the opposite direction, weaving them underneath and over the previous set until they’re woven together.

You can cover your gift with as much or as little of this pattern as you’d like. Then place the bow accordingly. For stylish projects that require a lot of ribbon, it might be a good idea to invest in wholesale grosgrain ribbons for all your crafting needs so you don’t run out.

Hopefully, these three methods of wrapping gifts with ribbon sparked your creativity. Using ribbon is tons of fun as it offers tons of fun possibilities. These are a few different ways to use gift-wrapping ribbons to get you started. Happy wrapping!