Different Ways To Tie Ribbons on Gifts

Different Ways To Tie Ribbons on Gifts

If you grew up with pre-fabricated bows that stick onto packages, it might not have occurred to you for years that you could make your own. Instead of trying to figure out a way to store those bows without crushing them, you can simplify the process. Learn some different ways to tie ribbons on gifts; you’ll find that it’s easy to do and satisfying.

The Classic Bow

This is the basic bow you learned the first time you tied your shoes. Use the bunny ears method if you want—with wider, elegant ribbon, it won’t look anything like your shoelaces. A large floppy bow always looks good, or you can use wire ribbon to give it some oomph. If you want to increase the elegance, you can use a separate piece of the ribbon to make a few more loops and tie them into the middle of the bow with the streaming ends.

The Layered Bow

This gift topper is gorgeous because you can use different colors of textures of ribbons for a high-end finish you can’t buy anywhere. Cut a variety of them into any length you want, depending on the ribbon’s size. You can start with something between 10 and 12 inches. If it’s too big, you can trim the ends. Here are the steps to the process:

  1. Lay the two widest pieces on a flat surface in the shape of an X. Burlap is great for the base of a bow like this.
  2. Add one ribbon with a different width, material, or pattern over one ribbon. Alternate with something different going on the other half of the X. Keep alternating until you have a collection that’s not too thick. Try six ribbons on each side of the X.
  3. Take a contrasting ribbon that’s thin but strong and tie all the ribbons together in the middle of the X. Pull tight. You’ll have a ribbon not made of loops, but instead a sophisticated mix of festive ribbons.

The PomPom

Ready for something more 3D? This is a different way to tie ribbons on a gift that will stand out—literally. It’s really a variation on the layered bow above, but with all wider ribbons that you’ll cut shorter. Burlap is a must for the structure.

You can lay all the ribbon on one base of burlap in shorter lengths, about six inches or so. Different textures and colors are great, but wider widths are better. Once you have a stack of 10 or so ribbons, use something to tie them tightly in the middle, such as a zip tie or floral wire.

Take each separate piece of ribbon and move it toward the center, moving them around until they finally make a round shape. Fluff and fluff until you’re happy with it. You can trim the ends to make it smaller and more solid.

All you really need for an exquisite bow is exquisite ribbon, and that’s LaRibbons’ specialty. Take a look at our offerings and get to creating.