Creative Birthday Gift Wrapping Ideas

Creative Birthday Gift Wrapping Ideas

Birthdays are a time when friends and family can come together for a celebration of someone’s life and birth. Some view birthdays as just another excuse to treat themselves, but they’re so much more than that! Why would we want to show someone all the love and support through average gifting? Creative birthday gift wrapping ideas have limitless potential, which makes it even more fun hunting for ideas to surprise them on their special day.

Shirt and Tie

Let’s get creative and think outside of the box. If you have any old fabric lying around, that will suffice for this style of wrapping. Find something that has an interesting design or pattern, then use it to wrap the gift just as you would with premium wrapping paper, taping it down after every fold.

Because you’re using fabric, you might want to use something sturdy to secure it, like brown packing tape or safety pins. Then, taking an old tie or ribbon, tie everything down in a cross-hatched pattern, tie a bow on top, and you’re all set!

Photos and Cut-Outs

Taking a more abstract approach, you can create a personalized package using old family photos or pictures with friends. Whether these photos are digital or printed, you can make do by cutting and pasting the photos or simply printing the pictures on paper. Using the paper photos, carefully wrap and layer the gift, taping it down as you go along until the whole package is sealed.

Then, tape special photos that are sentimental to the individual on top of the package and around the sides and back as highlights to make for a truly unique birthday wrap.

Washi Tape

Sometimes, simple is best, and why should birthday gift wrapping be any different? Brown packaging paper was at one time the standard across the board for all things packaging and shipping.

With this blank canvas, you can really be as creative as you want. Washi tape has become a recent hit with designing and packaging, but instead of just using it as tape, you could create hard lines and designs to make a truly beautiful package that costs you little.

And rest assured, the birthday boy or girl will love how the flashy and interesting patterns and designs pop from the packing paper. They will know that you put your effort and care into their gift.

There are so many different things that you can create when it comes to gift wrapping. Birthdays just make room for more inspiration as they are truly special times to celebrate the life of friends and loved ones. So, when gifting, try to think of creative birthday gift wrapping ideas that will make the day feel even more unique and memorable.