Brilliant Ideas for How To Use Wrapping Paper Remnants

Brilliant Ideas for How To Use Wrapping Paper Remnants

No matter how well you measure, you’re going to end up with leftover gift wrap. Do you recycle it with your other paper, or hang onto it in case you need to wrap something in just that size for an extremely tiny gift? These are the questions we struggle with when we’re creative perfectionists. But there are many more options and brilliant ideas for how to use wrapping paper remnants, so you can feel good about any way you choose.

Fluff and Fill Gift Baskets

If you have a home shredder, put it to work on your scraps of gift wrap. Then you’ll have a brightly colored package-filler you can use to cushion items in gift baskets or care packages. It’s great to have on hand when you’re packing up your own valuables and run out of bubble wrap. Shredding works particularly well with metallic wrapping paper, which is spectacular when shredded for confetti. (Although, to be honest, it doesn’t make cleaning it up any more fun.)

Line Your Drawers

Kitchen drawers always look better when they’re lined. A chic little pop of color when you go to grab a fork will spruce your silverware drawer right up. Cut your leftover gift wrap to fit your drawer, and then use clear Contact paper to waterproof it before you place it. The same idea has a lot of stylish variations: you can line a plain tray with wrapping paper to make it festive or even create placemats with larger pieces.

Dress up Bookshelves

It’s hard to improve on books to warm up the look of the room, but what about the shelf backdrop? We’ve always maintained that unlined bookshelf backs are untapped, prime decorating acreage. You can use blue painter’s tape to combine your leftovers seamlessly from the back. Then you can apply your DIY “wallpaper” with 3M mounting strips. Depending on your style, you can use anything from a muted pattern to something bold and geometric.

If you’re like us, you choose to use gift wrap because you fell in love with it. Sometimes it can be hard to part with! That’s why any new ideas for how to use wrapping paper remnants are so brilliant. You can maximize the beautiful materials and even hold onto some for yourself. Go ahead and frame the leftovers—many prints can pass as art, and they make for beautiful seasonal décor. Don’t be afraid to experiment and start over. LaRibbons is here to make more wrapping supplies for when you need it.