Best Ways To Wrap Gifts For Valentine’s

Best Ways To Wrap Gifts For Valentine’s

There’s no holiday more personal than Valentine’s Day, and your gift should express what you feel. Always make sure you deliver it on time, and don’t recycle any leftover Christmas paper for the wrapping. If you want to make the biggest impact, take a few minutes to add personal touches. Don’t just tell your loved one how much you care—show them, too. Read on to learn the best ways to wrap gifts for Valentine’s Day.

From the Heart

Luckily, Valentine’s Day is all about hearts, and they’re easy to draw. Embellish your gift’s packaging using a paint pen, metallic markers, or even a Sharpie. Cut out construction paper hearts like you did in school, or attach candy hearts with old-school sentiments like “Be Mine” and “Kiss Me.” You can make your own candy hearts, too, with personalized cookies decorated with your pet names for each other.

X’s and O’s

If drawing hearts is beyond your skill set, decorating your gift wrap with a few X’s and O’s is a good substitute. And this is one time that sloppy artwork is even more endearing than something perfect. Use pieces from an inexpensive tic-tac-toe game, or draw a board inside your card. If you have some red lipstick handy, seal it with a kiss.

Rustic Romance

If your gift is homemade or just down-to-earth, kraft wrapping paper evokes simple sincerity. The folksy wrap also serves as a meaningful label on a mason jar filled with DIY gifts. You can find some Valentine-themed paper and top it off with twine, raffia, yarn, or burlap ribbon. Tie on some greenery, a flower, or a sweet treat to savor.

Words of Love

Whether you make a habit of writing love letters or this is your first time, one of the best ways to wrap gifts for Valentine’s is to include a few words on notebook paper. It brings back that feeling of passing notes in grade school and the puppy love that made your heart skip a beat. If you’re not sure what to say, you can always include some questions with “yes” and “no” boxes.

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