3 Ways to Personalize Your Gift Wrapping

3 Ways to Personalize Your Gift Wrapping

Being creative and unique can be fun, but it’s not always easy. It takes time and effort to concentrate on what you’re trying to create. When you want to make it personal to someone else, and you’re trying to put your own spin on it, then you will really need to allow those creative abilities to shine when you can. When you narrow things down to roughly three ways to personalize your gift wrapping, it will help you focus on your project with ease, and you can really put yourself into your crafting.

Simple Patterns With Paper

If you like to use paper, there are so many routes you can take. If you’re using a newspaper, there are endless amounts of artwork that come from articles and pages. Or if you just like to use construction or craft paper, you can mix and match colors and cut out shapes to fit on top of one another for a mosaic-style wrap. You might also look into wholesale grosgrain ribbon by the roll to add a little flair to your paper design for a more three-dimensional look.

Markers and Pens for Intricate Detail

If you start off with a blank canvas and have a knack for drawing, you could wrap your gift in white paper and then go to work with your own art pieces that you draw all over the paper for something truly unique. You could incorporate different fonts and styles of printed text in personalized phrases to decorate the giftwrap. You could even draw designs with your pens and use calligraphy if you’re looking to get really fancy with it.

Stickers and Tape to Decorate

This type of decoration provides a terrific outlet for your creativity. Once you have your box or bag all sealed up and wrapped, you could go to town putting colorful stickers all over the gift and layering them on top of one another for something truly one of a kind. Or you could take a simple approach and use solid hues to make polka dots, stripes, zigzags, or other unique color patterns to make it shine. Another cool trick you could use to add to this style of decoration is adding extra stickers inside the wrapping. This would go over especially well with small children.

There are many easy ways to be creative when gift wrapping, so there’s never any excuse for a bland giftwrap job. If you let yourself play around with concepts, you might be surprised to find what you can create with your talents. Start the creative process by selecting three ways to personalize your gift wrapping and then move on from there. Enjoy the endless possibilities!