How To Gift Wrap a Bouquet of Your Own Fresh Flowers

How To Gift Wrap a Bouquet of Your Own Fresh Flowers

Growing your own flowers is so rewarding, but there’s something even better: sharing them. Make someone’s day with straight-from-the-garden goodness. Learn how to gift wrap a bouquet of your own fresh flowers with paper that’s as pretty as the blooms.

Keeping Flowers Fresh

You can be extra thoughtful by ensuring the flowers will last longer. Make a diagonal cut on the stems, and get the flowers in some water. Then, wet a paper towel and layer it with plastic wrap that’s about an inch longer than the stems on all sides. When you’re ready to wrap, tightly secure the moist towel at the bottom of the bouquet. The plastic wrap might be enough, or you can use a rubber band to be sure. Flowers that are sure to stay fresh include carnations, chrysanthemums, orchids, and zinnias.

Complement with Color

If you can dress up a cardboard box, then flowers certainly deserve better than butcher or wax paper. Use your best wrapping paper and ribbon, and choose colors that coordinate with the bouquet. You’ll want a brightly colored layer of tissue paper and wrapping paper that’s about 20 inches by 26 inches (or larger, if you got super-snippy in the garden).

Into the Fold

To wrap your bouquet, follow these steps:

  • Put the wrapping paper patterned side down on a table, with the tissue paper on top as the inside layer.
  • Place your bouquet diagonally on the paper.
  • Gently fold and crease the left corner of the wrap toward the center, before it reaches the flowers.
  • Repeat with the right corner.
  • Bring the two folded edges together, wrapping the right flap over the left.
  • Secure with tape or a stapler.

Finishing Touches

At the bottom, you can fold up the bottom corner and tape it or allow a little extra tissue paper to peek out. Use some vibrant ribbon to bring all the colors together. Strategize about how to gift wrap a bouquet of own flowers with your own flair. Use graphic stripes, or continue the theme with floral gift wrap. Embellish kraft paper with burlap and twine. Whatever your style, LaRibbons has all the gift wrapping supplies you need.