Easy and Creative Kraft Paper Gift-Wrapping Ideas

Easy and Creative Kraft Paper Gift-Wrapping Ideas

If you love the look of brown kraft paper but haven’t tried to use it yourself, you’re missing out on a new frontier of self-expression. There’s something about its organic, natural authenticity that makes any present feel like it’s coming from the heart. You can come up with plenty of easy and creative kraft paper gift wrapping ideas yourself if you know the secret: it doesn’t have to look rustic. Use it to get as sparkly or elegant as you want. Try one of these suggestions:

Focus on the Bow

Minimalist paper puts a spotlight on the bow and any other embellishments. If you haven’t been using a certain ribbon because you can’t find paper to match, you’ll find that kraft paper goes with everything. Any color will work, but bows that are gold, red, green, and white really pop on the brown background. Or, use one of these alternatives:

  • Twine
  • Burlap
  • Yarn
  • Fresh greenery from your yard
  • Homemade tags
  • Gingham ribbon
  • Striped ribbon
  • Lace

Make Your Own Print

Plain brown kraft paper is looks traditional on its own, but if you’re inspired to personalize it, the gift will mean that much more. A white paint marker shows up well, especially if you want to decorate the paper with snow, polka dots, other fun designs, or the recipient’s name.

Inspire a Young Artist

If the gift is going to a child, you can tape some new crayons or markers to the top of the box and encourage them to color the paper. If you’re competent with drawing, you can outline a picture in black for them to fill in. Warning: this might not stop kids from ripping open the paper first.

Stamp With Style

If, like us, you’re a sucker for every crafts-y hobby there is, you’ve probably invested in a rubber stamp set that’s tucked away. This is your moment! Stamp out a pattern of words—or a beautiful design—that will make someone smile. You can add stickers in the same spirit.

Use Pre-Printed Paper

If the completely blank canvas of kraft wrapping paper intimidates you, you can buy some wrap that already has polka dot, patterned, or even metallic prints. Or look for a roll that has a different pattern on the reverse side, and you’ll have a lot more options.

Still not sure where to start? Sometimes it’s easier to come up with creative kraft paper gift wrapping ideas when you already have all the supplies on hand. LaRibbons sells kraft-wrapping kits complete with paper, twine, tags, and seasonal embellishments that you can mix and match. Browse our selections for all kinds of design inspiration. Every gift is different, and so is every recipient.