DIY Wrapping Paper Bookmarks

by Amanda Che
With nothing but time on our hands, what better to do than craft and read? With that being said I decided to bring the two activities together! In today’s DIY I used our everyday wrapping paper to make my own bookmarks! I had a lot of fun with this DIY, and so can you. The bookmarks are completely customizable and they make such cute gifts for your friends and family. Head over to our LaRibbons and Crafts Youtube Channel to watch my step by step DIY Wrapping Paper Bookmark Tutorial!
For this DIY, I used:
Wrapping Paper
Stickers for decorating
Double-Sided Tape
5mm Hot Laminating Pockets
Laminating Machine
Hole Puncher
    I started off by cutting a piece of wrapping paper about five to eight inches wide. In the video, I used a wider print pattern that I wanted to be fully displayed, so I went with a wider cut of about eight inches. For condensed patterns, a smaller piece of wrapping paper would result in a traditionally sized bookmark. I didn’t worry about having to cut the wrapping paper in straight lines because I cleaned up the edges with a paper cutter down the line.
    After cutting my piece of wrapping paper I roughly cut it in half and cut those halves in half. This gave me four individual pieces of wrapping paper. I took the pieces and folded them all in half vertically; this way the pattern will show on the front and the back of the bookmark. This adds to the fun! To make it easier, I sealed the edges of the bookmark with double-sided tape. Thus making it easier to straighten out the edges and decorate the bookmarks. Which happens to be exactly what I did next! 
    Time to decorate! I used a variety of stickers that I already had on hand. However, now more than ever we have time to be creative. If you do not already have stickers, don’t fret! A great way to improvise is to print out images, cut them out and stick them to your bookmarks with double-sided tape. This actually gives you more creative license, being able to put whatever you want to on your bookmarks. In this step, I decorated one of the bookmarks with planner stickers. I used a text box like sticker giving me a place designated for writing on my bookmark. After laminating, you will be able to use a wet erase marker on the bookmark in this box! 
    Before laminating the bookmarks, I used a paper cutter to straighten the edges of the bookmark. A paper cutter is the best way to get a straight cut, it is super simple and fast. Now I moved on to laminating. I always let my laminator warm up for about five to ten minutes for best results. While I waited, I placed my bookmarks in 5mm hot laminating pockets. Once the machine warmed up, I passed the pockets through one time. Laminating your projects is the best way to ensure longevity and to keep them safe! To cut them out, I used my paper cutter again, however I had to be sure to hold on to the bookmarks tighter to avoid slipping and cutting the bookmark in the wrong spot. This is due to the bookmark being thicker now after laminating. 
    Nearing the end, all I did was add the final touch of a ribbon! First I used a hole puncher to punch a hole at the top of the bookmark. I prefer to put the hole on the left hand corner for aesthetic purposes. However, it is completely up to you! You can choose to put it in the right or left hand corners, or you can even choose to center the hole.
    Finally I cut a piece of ribbon about six inches long, placed it through the hole and tied it in a tight double knot. I cut the ribbon a little on the long side to give myself some wiggle room when tying. Next, I cut off the excess ribbon at a diagonal, leaving a little bit of a tail for decoration. To prevent the ribbon from unraveling I used a lighter to melt the edge of the ribbon. If you are under the age of 18 have an adult help you with this step. It is important that you do not apply the flame directly to the ribbon, hold the flame close enough that the heat will slightly melt the ribbon edge. After this we are all done! 
    I thoroughly enjoyed this project and I hope you do too! 
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