DIY Wall Photo Grid


Hi everyone! It's Amanda Che and today I am bringing to you another quarantine DIY! This is one that will keep you entertained for a day's work. With that being said grab your supplies, your favorite tv show and some company if you’d like! You can watch us complete this DIY on our YouTube Channel!



For this DIY I used:

  1. Wall Photo Grid
  2. Glue Gun
  3. Scissors 
  4. Lighter
  5. Ribbons of my choosing
  6. Gold Metallic Spray Paint

I started off with a black wall photo grid and spray painted it gold to achieve more of an upscale look. It immediately changed the vibe of the piece. There are photo grids sold in stores and online that are already gold and make it simpler for you. However, I had these left over in my house already and decided to use these! 

After prepping my grid I started to precut the ribbons I planned on using. The first set of ribbons I cut were used to cover the back of my grid. I chose to use an inch and a half textured grosgrain ribbon in the colors antique white and light pink. As well as an inch and a half glitter grosgrain in white. When measuring these out I added a half of an inch to an inch of extra space on each end of the ribbon. I cut out nine pieces of ribbon in this step, one for each row in my grid. After cutting all the pieces, I cauterized the ends of the ribbon pieces to prevent the ribbon from unraveling. The process of cauterizing ribbons is very simple! All you have to do is use a lighter and slightly melt the edge of the ribbon. Make sure to not place the flame directly onto the ribbon as this wall causes the ribbon to edge. Ensure that you place the flame close enough that the heat will melt the edges of the ribbons. I then moved onto gluing the ribbons into place. Using hot glue I secured the ribbons to the back of my grid by looping the ends of the ribbons around the ends of the grid row and placed a dot of glue to keep the pieces together. When securing the ribbons, it is important that you pull the ribbons taught for the best look. I repeated this step until I got down to the second to last row. I decided to leave the last row of my grid empty as a design element and space for the next step! 

Moving on to the bottom of the grid, my goal was to elongate the board and be able to showcase a few of my favorite ribbons. 


Something to keep in mind while picking out your ribbons is the skinner the ribbons the longer this step is going to take. This by far was the longest part of the process! The part where I sat on my bed with my favorite show on repeating all the steps until I completed the entire bottom. Again I started by prepping my supplies and pre-cutting all of my ribbons. I cut them into pieces around 10-12 inches each. I was not sure how many pieces I was going to need this time, so I pre cut them into batches of ten pieces per style in each batch until I was at the end of my grid. Then I picked the pattern I would place the ribbons in and got started on tying. While time consuming, this process is very easy. All it took was tying the ribbons to the last row of the grid to create a fringe effect. As I tied them I placed a small dot of hot glue in between each ribbon to hold them into place and made sure they would not fall off. I cauterized each of the ribbons in this step as well to keep a polished, pretty look and prevent unraveling. I continued these three steps of tying, gluing and cauterizing all until the end of my grid! It was a long process but I love the final look. It was exactly what I was going for and it added dimension to my grid. 

Now the fun part! Decorating! The way I used my board this time was for photos and memorabilia. It’s a beautiful place to showcase a couple of my polaroid pictures, cute business cards, I even added a calendar! To hold my pictures on to the grid I use matching gold paper clips! While I used the one I displayed in my YouTube video for photos, there are a variety of ways that you can use this in your home! Another one of my favorite ways to use the grid is as a jewelry organizer. You do this by using safety pins and needles on the ribbon to display and store your jewelry! This is a great way to save counter space where you would normally use a jewelry box. It allows you to take advantage of unused wall space in your house. To hang my grid on the wall all I had to use was command strips. You want to make sure that you take into account the weight of your grid if you are using it for jewelry and to display heavier objects and buy a stronger command hook.

There you have it! This DIY is perfect for any one to do because of how much you are able to customize it! Anyone can pick out different ribbons and use it for different reasons in their house! Make sure to check out my accompanying YouTube video where you can see another variation of how you can make your own board!